Operation Barbarossa: June 22, 1941 - February 2, 1943

Gerd von Rundstedt

Rundstedt and company

Involved in the Battle of Kiev

Gerd von Rundstedt was born in Germany in 1875. Coming from a military family, Gerd von Rundstedt enters the army in 1891. By the end of the First World War, he is appointed Chief of Staff of the 15thArmy. In 1940 he was Commander in Chief of the western armies and then after the success in Europe, was sent to the eastern front.

After his job in the east, he was sent back west after the allied invasion on D-Daywhere he worked alongside Rommel. Rundstedt was on the phone with Hitler after the allies captured Cherbourg and suggested that Hitler make peace and after that suggestion, Rundstedt was fired. He was not tried at Nuremberg and was ordered to remain at the disposal of justice. Helater died in 1953.

Information from D-Day Overlord.