Operation Barbarossa: June 22, 1941 - February 2, 1943

Results of our Work

What is the correlation between casualties and victory on the Eastern Front?

Map of Casualties in Europe

Answer: Little to nothing.

The numbers associated with our site are undeniable important, as they emphasize the scale of these battles and amount of human life that was lost during Operation Barbarossa, but truthfully, casualties are not a relevant factor in determining the victor during a given battle

The reason why is because the two sides simply followed a different military doctrine, where the Germans put an emphasis on smaller amount of better equipment and better trained troops, the Soviet Union adopted the idea of Human Wave tactics. What Germany did would not have worked in the Soviet Union, and vice versa. The Soviet Union, as we know now, won the war, and they overwhelmingly took more casualties than Germany, and every other nation during World War 2.

In Conclusion, casualties don't tell the whole story.

Video courtesy of Neil Halloran on Youtube.